Got questions? Cool! I’ve done this retreat many times now, and have probably thought of answers to questions you didn’t even know you had! Here goes…

Where do I fly in?

San Francisco, CA Airport (SFO)

Connecting flights are usually from San Francisco or Los Angeles. This easy to navigate airport is roughly 30 minutes from us, so you can easily take or a cab to the house. (Be sure to bring the address/directions with you.) I always drive to the retreat, and we usually have several other ladies who do as well (and therefore have plenty of room for everyone). In the event you think you may want the freedom to go off on your own to adventure through town or drive down this glorious coast, you might want to consider renting a car so you’ve got the wheels should the inspiration strike. Use your intuition on this one.

San Jose Airport

About 60 minutes from the house, so you’ll definitely want to rent a car!

If I want to come early and stay in Half Moon Bay for a few days, or stay a few days following the retreat, where should I stay?

GREAT idea! About 20% of our ladies arrive early or stay in town following the retreat. Come early and find yourself rested and blissed out by the time we get together on Friday evening. If time and resources allow, come a day or two early (or a week!) and give yourself the gift of time to unwind, breathe in the sea air, and think without distraction (other than the tempting aromas & baubles of the local restaurants & shops). And/or, if you don’t have to race back home, staying a day or two after your retreat is a terrific way to let the weekend sink down into your bones and honor yourself!

There are so MANY fantastic places to stay in town. You’ll find loads of options online (; costs vary, but most offer seasonal deals, so make sure you call for rates. Also: be sure to clarify when you call that you’re booking a room IN the town of Half Moon Bay—in case they have sister hotels in the area—so you can easily walk wherever you need to go.

What time do we arrive/leave?

Arrival time: The Friday of the retreat, between 3 & 3:30 PM.

We will be gathering in circle at 4pm.

Departure time: Around 4pm on Sunday, following a lunch and our Closing Circle.

What’s our daily schedule exactly? (See a link to hour-by-hour details at the bottom of this page.)

Must I share a bed?

Yup. Uh huh.  And, you’ll be amazed that you’ll miss her when you leave. I bet ya. (Bring ear plugs, though, in case you’re a light sleeper).  The house only sleeps 8 and we cap the retreat to 15 women so it’s more intimate and energizing.   We also know that some of you may live nearby and will not the overnight accommodations.  Keep in mind, it’s fun to have a roomie!

How do I know I’ll like the ladies, and be in the “right” group?

We always say that the women who show up to the retreat are the ones that are meant to be there. There are no coincidences.  As the weekend unfolds, you’ll soon discover how easily the sisterhood is created and the lifetime friendships are formed.

$$$ How much does the retreat cost?

The price is broken down on the main retreat page, but in case you missed it: Price: $997 for the weekend with overnight shared bed accommodations. This covers (lodging, 6 meals deliciously prepared meals by a private chef and all instruction) except travel.

$797 without overnight accommodations. This covers (4 meals deliciously prepared meals by a private chef & all instruction) except travel. Please read our cancellation policy.

For your very detailed, daily schedule, click here!